Wellness Consultations



Your first visit at the clinic will be approximately one and a half hours long.  Please bring your list of the vitamins and medications you are currently taking.  If you wish, you may also bring along any medical test results you wish to discuss.

During the first visit, you will be able to fully discuss any health concerns you wish to work on, as well as your medical history, family medical history and nutritional concerns.  An individual natural health assessment will be made and the first stage of the treatment plan will be started on this visit.  For some patients, further testing may also be recommended to provide more insight into your condition. 


Your initial consult will include:

Mini QXCI - testing for hydration, oxidation, pH balance, resistance and phase response/impedance.


Allergy testing for gluten and wheat sensitivity, dairy, milk and pork.


BIA - Body analysis will give markers of sacropenia (the difference between lean muscle and fat content of your body)


Health Assessment Tools will include graphing your greatest risks.


Toxicity analysis to ascertain the chemical exposure that you have had.


Emotional testing by Rubimed


The entire consultation will take between 1 to 2 hours and will include a discussion of where to go from here.