Rubimed Testing and Remedies

Rubimed Testing and Remedies

  The new concept of modern Energy medicine*

  • An integral concept which connects modern scientific knowledge with the ancient energy medicine
  • A new, clearly structured and simple system of the alternative medicine that shall serve to recognize and to cure spiritual conflicts* 
  • Diagnosis and course of the psychosomatic status
  • Diagnostics of disturbed vegetative centers and spiritual conflicts
  • Universally compatible with all common test methods
  • RebaTM test equipment, a CE certified medical product
  • Quality: Education according to fixed standards with examination

How to Cure Pain by Addressing the Underlying Emotional Issues
On a deeper level of causes, though, it's the blocked flow of subtle energy that causes pain. Dr. med. Reinhard Voll, the inventor of electro-acupuncture (EAV), said correctly that pain is the tissue's cry for flowing energy.

We all know that emotional conflicts are an important cause for psychosomatic diseases like tension headache or irritated bowel syndrome. From my experience there are a lot more of emotional conflicts hidden behind symptoms and disorders in daily life we wouldn't usually think of. This means that emotional conflicts are more frequent than we would think. And this applies especially for all forms of pain! The reason is that emotional conflicts block the flow of subtle energy, and the larger the conflict becomes, the more the energy is blocked--and before long some tissue will start to complain--with pain because it lacks energy.

The emotional conflict blocks the flow of energy in a certain segment, and in a most specific way. This is why it's possible to detect a certain emotional conflict from the region where pain is occurring. For example it's the feeling of fury that blocks the segment of upper abdomen--that is connected to the 3rd chakra in energetic terms--and can stop the flow of gall, causing pain even without gallbladder stones. Or a feeling of defiance and resistance--that is connected to the 2nd chakra or the lower abdomen can cause backpain. The reason is that the pelvis muscles contract differently on the right side and the left side respectively, resulting in a block in the ileosacral joints.

The subconscious emotional conflict acts like a focus in the patient's subtle energy field because it blocks the flow of energy there and leads to pain in a certain segment of the body. If a therapist succeeds to neutralize the conflict energetically--e.g., by putting a certain test vial into the energy field of a patient--the pain disappears quite frequently within seconds! I could experience this with more than 50% of the painstruck patients in my clinic. (You can get the test vials from the Rubimed Company--see address at the bottom.)

If you hit the right conflict, you can very often experience, just as I did, that pains go away within minutes. This is an important sign, too, that you really have found the right, actual conflict in that person. Some other patients report that their pains start to go away a little later--sometimes hours later, sometimes several days after they started taking their remedies (so called "emotional remedies"­ Emvita from Rubimed) depending on the individual constitution.

Excerpt from: © Copyright 2001 by Reimar Banis, MD, ND, Switzerland
(Explore Issue: Volume 10, Number 5) :
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