This is a hands on healing therapy that begins with the body then reaches from and through it to the nonphysical levels, emotions, mind and spirit. In a Reiki session energy, or light drawn from the universal energy, flows through the healer and into the receiver. The healer is a 'channeler' or focus of this life force energy, not its originator. The energy enters the receiver through her/his physical body, but it moves through and into all the energy bodies to go where it is most needed. Healing may happen on any or all levels, manifesting first in the physical. The factor of spirit guides enhances every aspect of the work and results; guides use the energy and the healers hands. Healing does not come from the healer but through her/him.

Session approx. 1 hour

Basic Session $50
Hot Stones $75
Crystals & Singing Bowls $70


The art of healing with Reiki crystals includes several different crystal healing layouts: Chakra balancing, clearing out the aura & strengthening the etheric field, and releasing the heart's potential. We balance and activate the 10 chakras with each treatment. The use of crystal energy and Reiki help to develop healthy mental and emotional patterns. We also include color energy to heal. Come explore the art of healing with crystals.