Heaven Scent Pets!

Allergy Testing
Will test for food and chemical or environment alleries $75
You will need to bring in a hair and saliva sample from your pet.

Laser Ultrasound
Well tolerated for pain. Can be done for any pet. $35

Bach and Body Essences
For any emotional issue - these easy remedies can be done at home.
We will muscle test using the owner as a surrogate. Remedies are
very inexpensive (approx $12) Can be used for travel sickness,
separation anxiety, lonlieness, grief, fear of thunder storms etc.

Used mostly on dogs, horses and large animals.
Emotional and physical issues can be treated.
House calls can be made for this.
Treatments at our business $45. to $75
Out calls will have an extra charge for travelling.

Animal reflexology is very similar to working on humans.
Results can be immediate for physical or emotional complaints.

Animals tend to react to Reiki treatments very quickly and
positively. Can be done at your home or by long distance appointments.

Ear Candling
Done mostly on dogs with bad ears. We would come to your home and do this treatment when necessary.

The same type of surrogate testing can be done to determine the best homeopathy
remedy to use for many different pathologies. This type of treatment can be very successful
in a quick response in animals.

QXCI or Indigo Testing
Often done to find the root cause of a problem. We would need hair and saliva samples of any type of pet that you want tested.


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