Several Treatment Plans for Different Addictions

In Dec 2013 Ms. Richards applied for grandfathering into the new College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. She passed all three exams and has been granted her license for TCM and Acupuncture in Ontario. Direct billing to many insurance companies is available for patients to utilize their health benefits. Check with our office for details.

Eating Addictions

Alcohol Addictions

Drug Addictions

Coming off Precription Medications for various conditions

Recreational Drug Addictions

To get the best result you will need at least twice a week of acupuncture treatment, plus taking neutriceuticalss, exercise regularly, follow the diet suggestions. (Based on your Chinese pattern diagnosis, we give you personalized diet advice).

Ear acupuncture to shed pounds continues to be practiced for thousands of years even when the concept of piercing needles into portions of one's ear sounds strange or kooky.

The ear, in Homeopathy (TCM), is known as a micro-system with points that complement some vital organs within you. One's appetite may be curbed as soon as the needles are placed into these points along with your food binge and overeating may be avoided while your metabolic processes could be ended.

A soothing effect will probably be experienced as hormones are launched after accomplishing ear acupuncture to shed pounds. One's stress, anxiety, and frustration will probably be relieved with such hormones.

Laser acupuncture to shed pounds is really a newer version of ear acupuncture. Similar to needles, this acupuncture also encourages a similar points but by making use of laser.

The metabolic processes thus remains slowed up lower while your determination to prevent from overeating and eating unhealthy meals is ready.

Having a tack preceding the piercing in the needle, the acupuncture points regarding the ear are stimulated. A bead or magnet is recorded to the stage enabling the augmentation of their effectiveness following a needle is positioned.

Someone is required to use mild pressure with the bead or magnet if he/she actually starts to experience hunger all over the therapy process. In by doing this, hormones are launched improving the patient to curb his appetite.

Generally, the timetable for ear acupuncture treatment methods are scheduled a couple of times per week for 8-12 days choice needs time for them to work for that patient to accomplish his preferred weight.

Certain points regarding the ear that complement the mouth for impulsive people, the lung for food and sugar addicts, and the hormones for bloating are helpful in ear acupuncture to shed pounds. There are also points that can be utilized for food cravings and addictive behaviour patterns.

Pricing: Consultation $50 - 6 needling sessions at $55 each ($330) Ear Tacks with each session at $15 ($90) Total Cost of $470
Offered in a package over 2 weeks for $350

(this is a savings of almost 30%)